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 Your local car & light commercial vehicle mechanic in Basingstoke, with City & Guilds Qualifications and over 36 years of knowledge in the motor repair industry the  company mantra is to give you the customer the best possible service for a more affordable price than other competitors. I will do my best to beat any local competition's price wherever possible. I am contactable at anytime day or night and I will do my best to help you out of any sticky situation.

 Please call 07772 250233 for an estimate for any required work where I will be happy to help. At all times you will be notified if any other work is required. All used parts are kept and will be available to you at your request before disposal.


Please be assured that at no time will any defect work be carried out without prior authorisation, estimates where possible will be given before commencement of any work, if no authorisation can be gained a report will be given to explain any work required. Please note that all phone calls are now recorded for both our and your protection. We sincerely hope that this statement assures our commitment to customer satisfaction.


 With EMH Enterprises your costs will be considerably cheaper than other independant garages. You can save around 70% on your labour charges compared to most main dealer prices and around 45% on the average labour charges from other independant garages, my customer feedback reflects my work commitment and repair costs.

Unlike all garages where they are open from between 8am-6pm you can contact anytime between 8.30am - 6.30pm by phone text or email and i will attempt to return your request as soon as possible, you wont find this service around other independant garages. I try to offer a more personal and friendly service which will be difficult to find from other local repairers.




As of 01/01/2019 the hourly labour rate will change for the first time in nearly 4 years to reflect the added costs the business has incurred, increased insurance, advertising costs etc.

 A £5.00 per hour increase accross the board will take effect. from this date. Please note the Saturday labour rate will also increase to a base rate of £50.00 and a mobile rate of £60.00 per hour at the same time.

Please note, i get asked a lot about fitting customer supplied new/secondhand parts, a lot of garages will not offer this service, i will offer this service but please understand there are no warranties offered if these items prove to be defective as this would be totally out of my control. Because of lost profits etc my labour rates will be effectively more expensive if customers require their own parts fitting. My std workshop labour rate will be £60.00 per hour and my mobile rate will be £70.00 per hour. Please be aware this will only be at the total disscretion of EMH Enterprises and certainly will not become a standard practice.   

 These labour rates reflect part of the profits lost to put back into running EMH Enterprises into an effective, efficient and customer focussed business as it has been since it was started several years ago. I certainly believe that this business is the only business in this area that advertises totally clear practices regards to labour rates and fitting of customer suppied items etc.


: Standard Labour Rate of £45.00 per hour, minimum charge 1 hour @ £45.00

: Mobile labour rate £55.00 per hour minimum charge 1 hour @£55.00

: Saturday work labour rates are as follows -

£50.00 std workshop

£60.00 mobile rate.


Please note saturday bookings will require at least 3 days of advance notice.


Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:30pm

Weekend work available,

Telephone - 07772 250233

Skype- emh-enterprises

Booking request email -

Credit/Debit cards accepted

EMH Enterprises

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